Need help now? We are ready to talk when you are

women holding another womens hands

Always A Way Out

There is always light and hope awaiting you at the end of a dark tunnel, and we are here to guide your way there, one step at a time. 

If you are currently wrestling with suicidal thoughts, know that we have a team of compassionate responders who are ready to provide you with timely assistance and support.

 Let us fight this battle alongside you.

Let's talk it out

Our Talk Suicide Program provides live phone and text support services for those who are in distress and coping with suicidal thoughts. 

1-on-1 Phone Calls

Connect with a well-trained, patient responder any time of the day via our Toll Free 24-hour crisis line

Text Us

Dial 45645 and complete a pre-chat survey to start talking to one of our responders every day from 4pm to 12am

Nation-Wide Bilingual Support

This service is available via toll-free phone, chat or text in English and French. If you need support in other languages, check out our Multilingual Distress Lines below.