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Survivors of Suicide and Homicide Loss

On the journey of healing

Losing someone you care about to a suicide or homicide can have a number of short and longer term impacts including social and mental health impacts. Having open conversations with trusted individuals and peers could help you process your feelings of loss, feel less isolated and navigate your journey of healing and loss.

Care, Compassion and Judgement-Free

Our Survivors of Suicide and Homicide Loss support program consists of a team of professionally-trained grief facilitators, many of whom have also experienced suicide or homicide losses. 

They are here to create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings freely, accompanying you on your journey to healing.  While meeting with you we will explore a number of topics that can help you on your healing journey after traumatic loss.

We provide support services both in a group setting and individually (couples, families and other groups are welcome), so you can share your thoughts in an environment you feel comfortable in.  Currently most of our services are offered remotely. We operate on a self-referral basis. If you are concerned about supporting someone else who is experiencing a suicide or homicide loss, please direct them to this website.

We also provide consultations and training to community groups and organizations who are either experiencing similar losses or who might want to understand  better how to support those grieving a suicide or homicide loss.

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Coping with Unexpected Losses

Current Program Offerings



Personalized Peer Support for Individuals, Couples and Families

8 Week closed groups for survivors of suicide and homicide loss

Drop in groups for survivors of suicide loss

Debriefings for those who witness a suicide

Debriefings for community groups in the aftermath of a suicide or homicide

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