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Elder Abuse Support Program

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No Excuse For Abuse

Joining hands with Family Services of Peel, our Brampton branch provides year-round telephone support and useful information to senior citizens who are victims of abuse. When necessary, we will ask for the caller’s consent before transferring them to a Family Services outreach work for more support.

About half of the Canadian senior population reported experiencing some form of abuse from the age of 65 on.

Are you being victimized?

If you yourself or someone you know is suffering from any of following forms of elder abuse, give us a call now.

Physical Abuse:
Hitting, pushing or shaking;
Inappropriate physical and chemical restraints;
Harm created by over or under medicating;
Unexplained visible burns, scratches, bruises, cuts or swellings
Emotional Abuse:
Intimidation, humiliation and harassment;
Treating them like a child; or
Isolating them from family, friends or regular activities
Financial Abuse:
Misusing or stealing a senior's assets, property or money;
Forgiving checks, signatures; or
Unduly pressuring seniors to make or change a will, or to sign legal documents that they do not fully understand
Water, food, shelter and clothing;
Medication or medical attention; and
Assistance with basic necessities

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